Small / Mid Cap Core (Smid) Equity

shutterstock_197453102This portfolio consists of 30 to 40 small to mid-sized companies with a history of consistent profits, high returns on capital, strong balance sheets, and low reinvestment requirements that trade at reasonable valuations. Stocks in this portfolio have market capitalizations greater than $100 million.

The portfolio is managed by a four person investment committee and employs a buy-to-hold philosophy. The portfolio has a long-term focus and seeks appreciation of capital through long-term investments in companies with high quality, consistent and sustainable growth when they are trading at a discount to our estimate of intrinsic value.

Like the Large Cap Equity Portfolio, our analysts use bottom-up fundamental analysis to identify companies with strong management teams, conservative balance sheets, solid returns on capital, and growing free cash flow.

The goal of this portfolio is to provide clients an opportunity to participate in a higher growth area of the stock market and be part of an overall portfolio designed to help clients meet their long-term investment and financial goals.

For more information about the Small/Mid Cap Core Equity product, please call us at 800-390-3277, email us at, or use the form below.

Please be advised there is a minimum account requirement for management by Farr, Miller & Washington.