Large Cap Growth Equity

shutterstock_195812723Our core product, the Large Cap Growth equity portfolio is a conservative diversified portfolio consisting of 30 to 40 high-quality growth companies with market capitalizations above $2 billion.

The portfolio is managed by a four person investment committee and employs a buy-to-hold philosophy. We strive to ignore short-term noise in favor of long-term fundamentals.

Our research analysts focus on the long-term fundamentals by seeking leading companies in industries with attractive secular growth prospects that have strong management teams, great long-term track records, conservative balance sheets, high returns on capital, sustainable free cash flow, and a reasonable valuation.

The risk/reward proposition must make sense for long-term investors and our focus on valuation has historically provided downside protection and preservation of capital in weak markets.

The focus on long-term fundamentals results in low turnover and is tax efficient.

The portfolio is designed to help clients meet their long-term investment and financial goals.

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