Fixed Income

shutterstock_151894871Fixed income portfolios may be stand-alone or combined with equities in a balanced account. We purchase investment grade municipal bonds, corporate bonds, agency bonds, and treasuries for client portfolios. Each portfolio is customized based on the client’s risk tolerance, income needs, and tax situation.

The investment committee is actively involved in the bond selection process. It performs a macro-economic analysis that leads to the Farr, Miller & Washington “view” on economic growth, interest rates, inflation, etc. which ultimately shapes the duration of the portfolio.

Significant research is performed by our fixed income portfolio managers including yield, spread, and credit analysis. The U.S. municipal bond market is comprised of thousands of issuers and tens of thousands of individual securities. Farr, Miller & Washington employs a sophisticated screening process that highlights bonds and creates a manageable and select list of potential bond investments.

We believe fixed income securities should act as an anchor for your overall portfolio. We do not believe in taking excess risk to earn a little more yield in the bond market.

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Please be advised there is a minimum account requirement for management by Farr, Miller & Washington.