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  • As 2010s conclude, investors have enjoyed bull market for the ages

    “If you owned stocks, bonds, real estate, hard assets, you benefited,” said Michael Farr, president of Farr, Miller & Washington, a D.C. investment firm. “…

    Dec 31, 2019Washington Post
  • Forget the Recession Talk. The Debate Has Turned to How High This Market Can Go

    “I’m seeing a market that wants to go higher,” Michael Farr of D.C.-based Farr, Miller & Washington said. “The path of least resistance is to go up.”

    Nov 11, 2019Fortune
  • Ready to Boost Stocks: Investors’ Multitrillion Cash Hoard

    “Cash always makes me feel good, both having it and seeing it on the sidelines,” said Michael Farr, president of the money-management firm Farr, Miller & W…

    Nov 5, 2019The Wall Street Journal
  • Mixed Market Signals Pose a Conundrum for Investors

    “We’ve seen this market shift from periods of worry to periods of ebullience over the years,” said Michael Farr, president of the money management firm Farr, M…

    Oct 6, 2019The Wall Street Journal