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  • Economics

    Productivity Is Key!

    Jun 10, 2021

    Economists will tell you that there are only two ways to grow an economy: increase the number of people working (or more accurately, the aggregate number of ho…

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  • Investment Strategy

    Quality Isn’t Just for Stormy Weather

    Jun 3, 2021

    With over 98% of the S&P 500 now having reported first-quarter results, it seems like a good time to take stock. Data obtained from Bloomberg show that S&a…

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  • Investment Strategy

    Bad Bull Market Decisions

    May 27, 2021

    Bull markets are wonderful. Investors get richer. Mistakes get glossed over. Corporate America expands, and folks feel smarter. This one could last a lot longe…

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  • Investment Strategy

    The Cream Will Rise to the Top

    May 19, 2021

    Around 20 years ago, when Farr, Miller & Washington was just about five years old, the capital markets were rocked by two of the largest corporate frauds i…

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  • EconomicsMonetary Policy

    Dissecting the Inflation Data

    May 14, 2021

    The markets were roiled this week by a hot inflation reading. The Consumer Price Index, or CPI, rose 0.8% in April compared to March, and the index was up 4.2%…

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  • EconomicsStock Market

    Following the Money

    May 7, 2021

    Ever wonder who owns all the stocks? Well, if you believe Fed data, it’s the well-to-do. In its Distributional Financial Accounts, the Fed provides quarterly e…

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  • Investment Strategy

    Banks Still Waiting for Liftoff

    Apr 21, 2021

    The banks have been reporting first-quarter earnings over the past week, and the results have been lackluster. But I’ll start with the good news. Credit is tre…

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  • Investment Strategy

    Curb Your Enthusiasm? What I Didn’t Say on Halftime Report

    Apr 15, 2021

    Our great host Scott Wapner reported that a number of the big banks were issuing cautionary warnings on the stock market. Bank of America authored “Curb Your E…

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  • Stock Market

    Entering Earnings Season

    Apr 14, 2021

    As we get into the heart of the earnings season, we thought we’d take a final look at earnings estimates. The chart below shows that S&P 500 estimates have…

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