Global Equity ETF Portfolio


The Global Equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Portfolio, one of Farr, Miller & Washington’s family of ETF solutions, is an actively managed diversified portfolio consisting of 10 to 20 index ETFs representing individual countries. The goal of the portfolio is to outperform the benchmark index– the MSCI All Country Wolrd Index (MSCI AWCI) –over a full market cycle (3-5 years) and to provide global diversification through low-cost and tax-efficient exchange traded funds.

  • ETFs will be passive and track well-recognized indices (such as components of the MSCI ACWI).
  • ETFs employed will be required to offer ample liquidity, low management fees, efficient tax management, and acceptable tracking error.
  • Within the percentage allocation to the U.S., over-weight allocations may be made to up to three U.S. industry sectors that are judged to offer good long-term conservative investment value.

Why should I invest with the Global Equity ETF Portfolio?

  • Global diversification through ETFs
  • Active allocation to countries
  • Fundamental macroeconomic analysis

Fees: Fees will be 95 basis points (0.95%)


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