Restoring Our American Dream

jpegThe Best Investment
By Michael K. Farr

A new, upbeat, book from Michael Farr–one of CNBC’s most popular financial commentators and experienced investor–brings to the forefront solutions to America’s struggle to regain the respect and values on which our country was founded.

Trust has eroded from Government, Banks, Wall Street, and big business Restoring Our American Dream provides a blueprint for a future that reasserts America’s leadership position in the increasingly complex world of intertwined global economies… and at home.

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What are people saying about Restoring Our American Dream?

“Mom, apple pie, and American Dreams are the fabric of America. We need to get back on track. We need to re-focus on our American values of hard work, self-reliance, and tenacity. America is the can-do country where dreams really do come true. It’s time to remember that success and prosperity are good things and make our country stronger. Let’s get back to a nation that is focused on creating wealth rather than one focused on distributing it. Americans are the greatest people in the world, and Michael Farr’s book is trumpeting the importance of restoring those values that made America a ‘shining city upon a hill.’ Read this book!”
–Larry Kudlow, Host, CNBC’s The Kudlow Report

“In this important book, Michael Farr simplifies and elevates the key principles necessary for our success as individuals and as a nation. His prescriptions for restoring the American dream come down to conducting ourselves with a sense of stewardship for the gifts our generation have received, and which we must pass on to our children.”
–Robert Silberman, CEO, Strayer Education, Inc., United States Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs, retired), CEO, International Paper, retired

“Restoring Our American Dream is a new book by Michael Farr about hope and the possibilities of a richer life for those who follow their own road to the American dream. Michael’s searching for a smoother path toward a better America has some fine ideas which should help all of us.”
–Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner and former Democratic National Committee General Counsel, Sheldon Cohen, Esq.