A Million is Not Enough

9780446582230_p0_v1_s600How to Retire with the Money You’ll Need
By Michael K. Farr

Will you have over $1 million ready for your retirement? If the answer is no, and this figure sounds totally out of reach, think again. A million dollars isn’t what it used to be. The truth is that Baby Boomers, who have enjoyed more abundance and pleasures than any previous generation, need more than a million dollars for a comfortable retirement. And you can achieve this-even if you don’t already have a net worth close to a million dollars-by starting now.

In A MILLION IS NOT ENOUGH, Michael Farr, one of America’s leading financial strategists, shows you that this goal can absolutely be accomplished-no matter what your income bracket. Farr has decades of experience as an investment strategist advising thousands of clients. With this inside information he provides a step-by-step program that includes:

STEP 1: Save it…the 25 simple things you can do today to save an extra $300-$500 a month
STEP 2: Invest it…the techniques all of us can use to demystify investing
STEP 3: Personalize it…investment strategies for readers in their thirties, forties, and fifties
STEP 4: Manage and protect it…how to keep investments safe in volatile markets
STEP 5: Pass it on…creating a legacy for the future

This strategy is ambitious, but Michael Farr shows you how painless it can be. Whether you’re thirty-five, forty-five, or fifty-five; getting a head start, starting on time, or playing catch-up, A MILLION IS NOT ENOUGH can help you establish the financial security you really need for your retirement years.

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What are people saying about A Million is Not Enough?

“All right, I’m still a moron. But the wonderful thing about this book is that it has turned me into an attentive moron. At long last I’m listening to some sound financial advice”
–P.J. O’Rourke, from the foreword

“Baby Boomers are in for a shock: Retirement will be much more expensive than they think. Michael Farr’s book can help you have the money you need to retire. Do yourself and your family a favor: Read this book!”
–Joe Kernen, Business News Anchor, CNBC

“Offers unique, clear, and practical savings and investment strategies”
–John Delaney, CEO, CapitalSource

“Michael Farr has written both an essential primer and a sophisticated guide to wealth accumulation. Farr’s battle plan: focus now on controlling your financial future! The payoffs that result from Farr’s guidance are priceless.”
–Dan Chirstman, Senior Vice President for International Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce